How To Make A Twig Frame

I love the twig crafts I’ve seen on Pinterest and other blogs. For fall I am going rustic by adding texture with wood and burlap with lots of neutrals  and tans to my living room and dining room.  A twig frame would be a great addition. There are several reasons I love this craft.  First off the little sticks are free out of my yard. Second they are natural and rustic with such texture.  The frame is perfect for fall, but I know I’ll be using my twig frame year-round. Whether I need to frame a small Santa or spring flowers, a twig frame works beautifully.





I started looking at the Dollar Tree for a wide flat frame that would be perfect for adding sticks or twigs.  Luckily it is already brown so I do not have to paint it. Yeah!  I collected twigs from a bush and let them dry out. Green twigs shrink.  Choose branches that are relatively straight. Cut off the little twiggy parts sticking out. Be careful to look for bugs in your twigs before bringing them inside.  If you want to be sure your frame has a variation in color and texture, cut from several bushes. Now I used small garden scissors to cut the twigs to a size that fits my frame.  They do not have to be exactly the same size; the varying sizes will look more rustic.





You can try laying the twigs horizontally on the frame, vertically, and even slanted.   Above I had tried putting large sticks on horizontally. and then decided I liked the vertical look. If you want a fast project, choose a horizontal orientation and use large sticks that are close to the size of your frame.  If I had chosen that look, I could have done this frame so quickly.   I choose to use small twigs glued vertically on the frame all around on 4 sides.   I did sections at a time and let them set well before doing another adjacent section.  I started my first twig at the bottom right corner of the frame.








Start glueing the twigs to the frame.   Thin twigs should be reserved for filling in at the finish.









Another option is adding more texture and detail with a little dried moss also from the dollar store.  This is easy to make and you can’t really make mistakes with the little stick placement.  The hardest part for me is just cutting the twigs to a smaller size and cleaning up as you go.  Each time you break a twig it sheds a small amount of debris. I felt like I was making dirt.  I cleaned up the crafting area and changed from newspaper to a towel to start glueing.  I didn’t want any little particles on my twig frame.  You can just hang the frame without a photo or use it to display  a piece of art.





I cut white thick paper to fit the 8″ x 10″ frame.   I attched a burlap rose I already had in the center of the white paper and put it in the frame.










I’m really happy with my twiggy frame and flower wall art.  Today I’m joining a few other blogging friends for more dollar store craft ideas.  I hope you’ll visit them for more inspiration!







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32 thoughts to “How To Make A Twig Frame”

  1. What a creative and fun idea to use twigs in crafts! I love how they look on a frame! This is so inspiring – imagine all the many ways to create with twigs! Thanks!

    1. For children I suggest you use large twigs and maybe go horizontally – then you can do it with a hand full of sticks.

  2. I love working with natural items during the fall season. You picked 2 greats to put together – the dollar store and natural items. Great upcycle on the cheap! Thanks for sharing.

    1. thanks for the visit Lauren – welcome! It’s easy but messy and takes patience if you do vertical with small sticks like I did. It was rewarding when I finished and saw how pretty it was. Happy Tuesday!

    1. It would be perfect for your lake cottage. It’s certainly inexpensive to make – you just need time and patience to play “pick up sticks” with glue. Happy Wednesday!

  3. We get lots of driftwood up at the cabin. Small pieces would make an interesting frame. The local thrift store sells inexpensive frames. Thanks for the idea. – Margy

  4. I love the texture of twig frames, especially for Autumn. Thank you for the step by step directions! pinning -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. This frame will go well in a beach house.
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