10 Questions To Ask Youself When Life Is Hard

Modern life can be hard, and feeling stressed or down is part of the norm. If you occasionally feel this way, let’s look at it as an opportunity for self growth. Have you noticed many of the most successful people at managing life like to ask questions?  They are curious and ask questions of others and themselves.  They embrace an attitude of learning throughout life. Before implementing the changes needed to transform your life for the better, you must know why problems have surfaced. Periodically we all need to do self inquiry; asking ourselves questions to help us grow, adapt, and deal with our goals and lives.

Being honest with yourself is essential. Ask the following questions now, and in the future, you can redo the list with questions as required to will help you continue to grow personally and keep a positive attitude.



Am I Happy?


A quick yes or no will give you the truest response.  You don’t have to think up qualifications, but you do need a starting point.  







Why Am I Stressed or Down?



This question will help you begin the process of evaluating the current situation intellectually not emotionally.  Examine the reasons as this will  help you address the current issues.





Do I Practice Gratitude?


This is a reminder to appreciate all you have. Gratitude is good for you physically and mentally.  See my Gratitude Journal for  more information.



Do I Like My Job? Where Is My Career Going?


A good portion of life is spent at work.  Is part of your stress that you don’t like your job?  Do you have career objectives? Are they working or have they changed?







Am I Financially Stable?



Money isn’t the most important thing in this word, but it’s impossible to ignore its impact. When you are stuck in a deep hole of debt, it’s hard to think about anything else. However, the path to a brighter financial future does exist. Visit the Debt to Success System for Strawman Redemption for advice. Regaining control via debt relief services won’t only boost your financial health. It’ll enable you to think about other life goals once more.  If you have compulsive buying issues,  admit the problem and seek professional help.  Everyday Health has a great post, Recognizing & Managing Compulsive Buying.   Do you have financial goals? Are you saving for retirement?






Am I Taking Enough Time To Relax?



Modern life passes by at a hectic pace. Therefore, it’s important that you give yourself the chance to take a step back to let your mind and body rest. While vacations and short breaks are great, daily changes are needed too. Improved sleep patterns, daily meditation, and deep soaks in the bath are all highly beneficial.  If you have a pet, you already know the benefits of relaxing with your dog or cat.






Does My Body Feel Good?





Mental health and physical health are very closely related. It’s not just about keeping in shape.  As I’ve discussed before, mind and body are linked. There are many  additional benefits of exercise. Nutrition is another feature that can influence the health of organs, as well as energy levels and other aspects. A comprehensive approach to great physical wellbeing should extend to regular sight and hearing tests. When health issues are untreated, they will continue to drag you down.




If Today Was The Last Day Of Your Life, What Would You Do?



This question puts your life in perspective. What is the most important actions in your life?  Who are the most important people in your life?  Remind yourself of your good qualities and skills.  Have you been kind to anyone today?  What positive actions happened today?  Did you do well at work? Receive a thank you from a co-worker or neighbor?   Remember why you do what you do.







Am I Chasing My Dreams?


Everyone loses their way from time to time, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of stagnation. What are your goals?   Are you actively working on them?  Periodically you need to re-evaluate your goals and steps to achieve them.  Mind Tools has a great article of setting goals. Reading the Mind Tools Guide to Setting Goals is the perfect first step towards getting your plan updated. Moreover, learning to enjoy the journey will drive you through the most difficult moments.







How Can I Help Someone Today?



If you want your life to have meaning, a simple gesture of kindness can be part of the process. Generosity is a powerful tool to change today for others and yourself.  Call a friend or family member just to say hello.  Smile at your neighbor.  Each day presents another opportunity to  spread a little light and watch it grow in yourself.



In conclusion,  when days are hard to deal with, spend a little time with yourself. Ask the hard questions, work on  your attitude, exercise your body, take time to relax,  and share gratitude and kindness.  Life  will seem to be better when you know yourself.








This is a collaborative post but all opinons are my own.

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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

4 thoughts to “10 Questions To Ask Youself When Life Is Hard”

  1. Hi Carol, asking those questions certainly helps to bring a certain amount of mindfulness into our day. As I’ve gotten older I’m definitely more aware of what coping mechanisims work for me, just simple things like walking the dogs, taking time out and not dwelling on things too much can help make life seem easier.


    1. yes I like simple things to relieve my mind – folding things in my lingerie drawer, putting my hand in soapy water to wash a few plates, going out is the bright sun and enjoying the day.

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