New Flooring in The Bedroom

Last week was a dfficult and wonderful time.  It was the first step in muliple stages of changing the flooring in my home.   When I purchased my home, it had like new wall to wall carpet which I hate. The first time I walked in the house I thought how nice it would look with wood-look tile. Tile is a cool surface in the hot climate of Florida and easy to maintain.  Unfortunately, I only had 6 days from closing to move from my rented condo to the house. I was doing good to have the interior painted before the move. You may not have noticed that I rarely show a photo of my floors. Nope, I like to imagine how prettier it all will be without the carpet. Besides not liking the color (blue), I know carpet is not a good option for someone with allergies.  Mike, my lawn guy and handyman, estimates I have about 10 pounds of sand in the rugs.  Central Florida’s soil is mostly sand. No matter how much you vacuum or even steam clean, you can’t get it out.  I choose a light wood look tile which reminds me of driftwood.  The tile is lighter than the photos.  I tried multiple times but cannot capture a more realistic photo.





Mike pulled up the carpet in the small guest bedroom and scrapped and scrubbed the floor clean to prepare for tile. There can’t be the slightest spot of old glue or dirt or the tile won’t lay flat and adhere to the floor.  I did not remember to take a photo,  but the walls of the room were lined with a pile of sandy dirt on the floor going around the room. It was unbelievable.




He laid the tile. He returned and grouted the tile.  Then Vickie and I spent several days cleaning the floor, walls, and closet.  There was a fine gritty residue from his scrapping the floor clean. Then we moved the guest bed back into the room with the two dressers.  I’m taking my time deciding what goes on the walls, and I’m enjoying redoing the closet too. What I’m not enjoying is my asthma that was set off by the dust despite wearing a mask.  I’m staying in the master bedroom with a closed door for the next week as I continue to clean wearing a mask to eliminate any more dust.






Originally we planned to redo the living room and dining/kitchen area at the end of July.  Now we’ve agreed to do it November.  This gives me 4 months to re-evaluate lots of possessions for give-away and throw-away.  Redoing the floor is like a move but your address doesn’t change.  I have to totally empty the main living area of my home including closets and pantry for Mike to remove carpet and the current kitchen tile.  I plan to leave my home for a week while the work is done. I’ll share more on that later.  Just wanted to give you a sneak peek at the little bedroom.


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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

16 thoughts to “New Flooring in The Bedroom”

  1. These look really fabulous. I love what you chose. I have wood floors in most of my house apart from the small family room. Someday. I did get new carpet there because Rick had just enough after recarpeting one of the duplexes he rents and it was a good temp solution but someday. Oh, to be able to do floors without having to move furniture!

    1. Not moving furniture is a dream – moving furniture and everything else is a nightmare. I took down the art, and emptied my closet. Dust also got into the living room/kitchen and I spent a day washing everything and dusting. Yuck. But it is worth it. I love my new floor but hate to think of the nightmare coming in November. Have a great day!

  2. It’s very pretty! We finally took ‘the leap’ last year and changed out the carpet and laminate and went with a brownish-gray tile throughout the rest of the house. We like it but it take a long time to get used to the feel under your feet. I finally put a throw rug next to the bed to have that soft feeling underfoot whenever getting in and out of bed. I like it a lot now.

    1. I like the feel of the tile on hot days which we have a lot of here in Florida. I agree a small rug by the bed is perfect for early morning.

  3. Nice floor, I admire your energy. We are thinking about replacing all of our downstairs flooring. We are going to hire it done I think.

    1. I paid to have the tile laid but not to get ready for it – that’s really the hard part to me.

  4. A lot of preparation and hard work has gone into your change from carpet to tiles. They’re very attractive and you must be very pleased with the result.

  5. We did this a few years ago, and honestly the dirt that was stuck in the carpet was disgusting. We love our vinyl plank floors and they are so easy to care for. Make sure you find a huge dust mop—wide for zipping around as vacumning blows dirt around as well as taking it in.. You will love this and your asthma should improve!

  6. That flooring is beautiful!! I too found that re-doing floors was like moving while keeping the same address… so much work. But I did love the end results.

  7. It looks beautiful Carol. I totally understand the upheaval of having to move everything out of the room. We have done it for rooms in our house and it causes chaos! More than worth it for the end result though!
    Thanks for showing us around. Happy 4th July! x

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