Cupcake Liner Butterfly Craft

I’ve been looking for another really simple craft that I could do with what I have.  I had seen many pretty little butterflies on Pinterest made from cupcake liners.  I have those and some have cute little prints too.  Hmm, I just noticed I don’t have light blue ones.  Oh well, pink and white will work for spring.

I visited several blogs and looked at their butterflies. Many folks use clothespins for the bodies of the butterflies with ink stamps, glitter, and jewels.  I don’t have clothespins. I kept looking.  Then I visited First Palette and read how she made her butterflies with liners and pipe cleaners. Adorable but alas I have no pipe cleaners.  Her use of a button over the cleaner for the body did give me an idea.  I have plenty of faux flowers and I will use a tiny flower for a body.




Cupcake Liner Butterfly with Button

Photo: First Palette 



I have a white cupcake liner with colorful flowers as well as a hot pink cupcake liner with flowers.






Step 1


Choose your cupcake liners. You will need 2 to make a butterfly. They can be the same or different liners.


Step 2


Flatten your liners.





Step 3


Make first fold from bottom edge of liner up to 1/2 “.  It depends on how big a liner is and how many folds you want. My liners were small and I made a small fold.






Step 4


Flip cupcake liner over and make second fold that lines up with first. Keep flipping and folding.





Step 5


Keep repeating until you have one little fold on top. It doesn’t have to be the same size as other folds. Do  the same process for second cupcake liner.




Step 6


Fold each liner in half.




Step 7


Put one liner on top of other with a touch of glue in middle fold.





Step 8


Since I didn’t have a pipe cleaner to wrap around the middle, I used a small string I had. I made a little knot and cut off ends.


Step 9


I unfolded the left side to form wings





Step 10

I unfolded and shaped liners for wings on sides.





Step 11


I removed a small flower from a Dollar Store bunch of flowers.




Step 12


I glued flower to cord in middle of butterfly. I held and counted to 25. When wings were messed up a little, I then rearranged wings.





Step 13


I added a butterfly to the left side of picture ledge in dining room over pelican.






Step 14

I repeated process for another butterfly, and I added the second butterfly to the right side over star fish shell.







It’s the perfect addition to my spring picture ledge.  It only took minutes to make.  No matter what style you like, there are butterflies you can easily make and have a crafting session with the kids.  Something fun to make and they can help you decorate.
















Thanks for the visit!  Stay well.








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19 thoughts to “Cupcake Liner Butterfly Craft”

  1. These would be really cute package toppers or for a bunting. Probably too advanced for the toddlers but maybe age 8 up. They’re awfully pretty. Maybe (in my spare time, of which I have a lot these days) I’ll have to see if I have cupcake bases and give this a try!

    1. I think there are lots of ways to use the butterflies. The ones with clothespins could have a magnet on the back and hold things to the fridge. Mine could be used on presents and a bunting. I’m already thinking about how I can use them in a small garland for summer. We’ll see.

  2. Carol!!
    OMG!! I love these!! These would be darling on my summer tree in my craft room!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  3. I want to make these with my granddaughters this summer – thank you for the inspiration!
    Butterfly Blessings to you this week 🙂

  4. Your butterflies are adorable! They could be used in lots of ways such as fridge magnets or to decorate a summer wreath. The list is endless. x

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