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A couple of weeks ago, one morning I had just returned from picking up a prescription and drove by a  neighbor down the street. I noticed her amaryllis were in bloom. It’s spring here in central Florida and amaryllis bloom in the ground here.   I knew I should grab a few shots since I was going to be inside after this.





I walked down the street and passed the side of the house in the top photo with pretty bougainvillea.  I didn’t go into their yard and just took 2 shots from a distance.





Liz’s house has a very large tree in the front yard.  As I walked in front of the house, Liz was coming out of the door. She stopped and I stopped. I made my request to take photos and moved into the shade of the tree in the yard. We talked together for about 5 to 8 minutes. I am just getting to know Liz as she moved in her home a couple of months ago.  She is also a senior but still works part-time as a nurse in a doctor’s office.





Suddenly cars were going down our street with signs and honking horns.  People waving from the vehicles.  The teachers at the public elementary school for this neighborhood were doing a Drive-By. Kids had been notified by email. Unfortunately, there aren’t loads of kids on our street and none of them came out of the houses. The teachers had a couple of seniors standing outside and waving.








Some of the cars had signs, balloons, etc. You can’t read the signs in these photos, and I didn’t even take photos of the first 10 cars that were more heavily decorated.  Most of the signs said something like “We miss you!”, Mrs. Smith misses her kids”!  It was very sweet. There were probably about 20 cars that went quickly down the street.





Then standing in the yard I took a few photos quickly and left. They’re not great due to the shade and the distance from the flowers. I was trying to not get close to Liz, and she did not stay on the porch.









A small azalea was beside the front porch. It is really getting too much sun there and has remained small.








I hope you enjoyed this little walk down the street.







I’m wishing you blue skies and spring flowers.











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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

26 thoughts to “Liz’s Garden”

  1. Hi Carol, aren’t the flowers in bloom where you are? The wild flowers are lovely here, but it’s been unseasonably chilly here recently so garden flowers are lagging and it will be a good while before the bougainvillea are in bloom… What a lovely thing for teachers to do. The schools here were closed pretty quickly at the beginning of March, no drive by’s or clapping happening here though.


    1. Yes there are flowers in bloom in my neighborhood – Liz lives 4 houses from me. I’m just not walking the neighborhood as my doctor told me to stay indoors due to my compromised immune system. It’s been like summer most of March and the start of April. I’m happy we had a cool front – temps went down about 8 degrees. Bougainvillea is blooming at another neighbor’s home. I miss going places and seeing things, don’t you? Stay well and happy!

  2. Pretty flower shots. My hats off to the teachers and other school works. They’ve been doing a great job during a tough situation. My granddaughter’s first grade teach and been holding many Zoom meetings so the kids can see her and each other from time to time.

  3. Beautiful pics and I love your interaction with your new neighbor. We have a new neighbor across the street from us who is originally from Serbia. Ironically she invited Heather and I over for tea just before the big lockup. So we didn’t have tea but we talk from a good distance away. Hopefully we’ll be able to sit down and get to know each other when this is done.

    1. Getting to know new people is fun – having a neighbor from Serbia sounds interesting too.

  4. Hello, Carol
    What a beautiful and colorful post. The Amaryllis are lovely blooms and plant. The drive by parade of cars is fun.
    Take care and stay safe.Wishing you a Happy Easter weekend!Eileen

  5. Amaryllis to me is a bulb you buy and it blooms around Christmas. Not for the outdoors in December! Obviously, in upstate New York, they would never survive one of our windows. I witnessed a “birthday” parade in our neighborhood – like the school parade but the people who would have come to a birthday party do a drive by with balloons hanging from their windows, etc. We certainly have to use our imaginations at this time.

    1. Amaryllis isorignally from tropical Africa and needs at least zone 9 to survive outside. It is a gorgeous compensation for the inability to grow northern spring bulbs which required cold weather to bloom. The birthday party sounds like a fabulous idea!

  6. Carol – these days, we have to take photos when we find them! It must have been delightful to have a conversation under a shade tree – such a simple thing, and something that I hope to never take for granted again! I have heard of so many creative ways to remind children that they are not forgotten/they are missed. Wonderful! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  7. It was fun walking with you this morning. We had the same idea for a post today. Lots of pretty flowers blooming now and everything is so green and lush. Take care this week! Hugs!

  8. Teachers in so many areas are doing the drive by, I think it is encouraging for the kids and the teachers. Pick up the spirits and let everyone know they are cared for.
    Love the yard and flowers.
    We are looking at moving to SW Florida in the near future. Early retirement and to care for a dear couple friend there. I’m not thrilled about the heat and humidity but excited about the lack of cold.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

    1. You would be south of me and that is a nice area. Move in fall or winter to give yourself time to slowly adjust to heat and humidity. I made the mistake of moving here in my youth in late April. By May it’s summer so that first summer I died from the heat and humidity. Now I do more things outside in winter and spring. In the summer I run from the house to the car and from the car to the store, but it works out fine. I DO NOT MISS snow, ice, scraping the windshields, etc. When you move, let me know the general area. I periodically come south to visit a friend and would love to meet you for lunch one day. Take care!

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