Neighbor’s Garden

A close neighbor allowed me to take photos in their garden. It’s been hot here in central Florida for the last few weeks with a temperature 12 to 15 degrees F hotter than normal for March. Our high temperatures have been in the 80’s nearly the whole month.  The golden rain tree in the front yard blooms in October, drops hundreds of seed pods, and then loses its leaves. The leaves started to grow a couple of weeks ago and the tree is still holding onto some seed pods.





The amaryllis in the backyard were almost through for the season. Remember amaryllis is a spring bulb in warmer climates. (growing zones 9 to 11)  The bulbs sold at Christmas are forced bulbs.






Amaryllis are one of my favorite flowers, and they are a beautiful addition to a bouquet.















The yard also has a potted plant with pink flowers.





There are a couple of pots of grape tomatoes and peppers.











Thanks for taking a short walk next door with me. Take care!















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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

32 thoughts to “Neighbor’s Garden”

  1. Beautiful flower photos and also uplifting to see the tomatoes ripening. We are at the first stage of growing tomatoes, that is, nurturing seedlings in the hope of picking tomatoes in the Summer. Your neighbour’s garden is fabulously full of lovely blooms.

    1. thanks Lisa – hope your family and you are well and safe – keep making pretty cards for us less talented folks!

  2. Hi Carol, pretty flowers is just what we need to see more of right now. Even though I am still allowed to take the dogs for their morning walk in the hills it’s not the same as really getting out and enjoying the spring flowers in bloom. Your neighbours garden must be a pleasant distraction in these rather grey times!.. Stay safe!


    1. It’s not really a distraction as the garden is behind her privacy fence. She let me in and I wandered for 5 minutes taking photos and talking to her. We tried to keep an appropriate distance. Wait till next week’s post as yesterday I went up the street in the opposite direction and that neighbor let me photograph her front yard. Desperate times but I need flowers.

  3. I loved seeing the photos of the beautiful flowers, but, oh…those tomatoes. I cannot wait for some fresh-from-the-vine tomatoes. It will still be 3 months here in PA.

    1. yeah but you’ll see all those flowers popping out of the ground in the mean time – crocus, tulips, hyacinth, and don’t forget when all the bushes turn yellow with pretty little flowers or when lilacs blooms… there is beauty everywhere, isn’t there?

  4. That is a bright, cheerful colour for the house. Our cabin is yellow, but a more mellow version. Our good friend John is going to paint it for us when the weather gets better. It’s been ten years since we last painted and it really needs to be redone to protect the wood siding. We won’t be home in time to get it done ourselves, and because John is self-employed it will be helpful for him economically, a win-win. – Margy

    1. You’re lucky to have a good friend like John. Colors on houses in Florida can be quite bold. This is especially true as you drive south. When I moved to Miami in the late 1970’s, I thought the neighborhoods looked like spilled Easter baskets. So many pastels, and tropical colors.

  5. Your garden is really beautiful!! Thanks for sharing it with us. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend.

    1. thanks but it is my neighbor’s yard – she let me go in the backyard and take photos – have a great evening!

  6. Beautiful Lilies! My cousin adores Lilies which can;t be grown here in the Philippines but she gave birth three years ago to my gorgeous godchild. She named her Lily 🙂 Stay Safe!


    1. Amaryllis are a distant relative of lilies but not a true lily. It does resemble it and many common names for amaryllis include the word lily. I’m crazy about them as they grow beautifully here in my growing zone of 9B which is semi-tropical. Lilies mostly die in my yard. I’ve planted multiple times and only have some white lilies in May from the one plant that did not die. I bet your little Lily is adorable. Take care and have a great weekend

      1. Oh wow, thank you so much Carol for introducing me to Amaryllis. They are so beautiful and vibrant! Now I wish to know which flowers can grow well on my climate, I need to know my growing zone. That is so nice of you Carol she is! I miss her a lot though due to the lockdown but her big sister sends me photos and clips time to time 🙂 Have an awesome weekend coming!

        1. Amaryllis originally came from tropical Africa. The Philippines are more tropical than any place in the USA. I think we go to USDA zone 11? I just did a quick search for the Philippines and that is like USDA zone 13 or 14! has a great post on best spring bulbs for Tropical regions at

          I’m not sure if it’s better to plant in wet season or dry but they bloom within one to 2 months. Good Luck!

  7. Beautiful blossoms! I was just talking to my father this morning (he’s in the Tampa bay area) and we were talking about how hot it is down there this time of year.

    1. this March has been summer weather not spring here in central Florida – 80’s and 90’s temperatures. I missed my beautiful 75 and 78 degree days.

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