20+ Spring Appetizers

Let the fresh spring veggies and fruit be the stars in these simple party-ready spring appetizers and salads. Spring is packed with special times of family get-togethers from Easter dinner, a Passover Seder, Mother’s Day brunch, a bridal shower, or a graduation. We must not neglect the most delicious start to any great meal, the appetizers.

We’re looking at dishes with bright colors and flavors. Let’s start with a few strawberry dishes for spring.

I. Strawberry Spring Salad

Fresh sliced strawberries on a bed of mixed greens are topped with a champagne vinaigrette and trail mix. Yum!

Photo Comfort Spring

II. Strawberry Caprese Salad

This dish takes a summer favorite and adds sweet strawberries to the salty mozzarella.  Can’t stand tomatoes? Leave them out!  Or you could add small sweet grape or cherry tomatoes to the mix.

Photo Bread Booze Bacon

III. Tasty Asparagus & Strawberry Spring Salad

Take fresh spring asparagus and pair it with fresh strawberries and tomatoes.  Add a balsamic vinaigrette and microgreens for a dish that will wake up your taste buds!

Photo Comfort Spring

IV. Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Chips

Mix kiwi, apples and fresh strawberries for a fun fruit salsa that works well as an appetizer, snack, or dessert.

Photo Comfort Spring

V. Strawberry & Cheese Bruschetta

Crusty bread with goat cheese topped with fresh strawberries and balsamic glaze is delicious any time  of the year.  It a delightful mix of sweet and savory  taste which is a perfect appetizer, snack, or even breakfast.

strawberry goat cheese #bruchhetta #snack #appetizer

 Photo Comfort Spring

VI. Strawberry Baked Brie

Take the molten loveliness of baked brie and add fresh strawberries and nuts for a taste sensation at your next party.

Photo Comfort Spring

Now let’s enjoy the bright flavor of spring veggies!

VII. Veggie Flowers Spring Appetizer

If you’ve visited very often, you probably know I love food art and veggies. Put the two together and I’m in heaven!  Finding Zest made pretty little flowers from peppers and herbs and served them on crackers. They’re both pretty and tasty.

Photo Finding Zest

VIII. Colorful Carrot Patch Appetizer For Spring

A cute, healthy, and tasty  spring appetizer for your next get-together.  Carrots “planted” in a cup of hummus in a clay pot.  The perfect centerpiece for a table of spring appetizers.

Photo Comfort Spring

IX. Spring Vegetable Garden Appetizer

Similar to the carrot patch, the vegetable garden is small veggies planted in a garden of hummus.  Surround it with crackers and other vegetables and you have the perfect appetizer table.

Photo Comfort Spring

X. Radishes With Chive Butter

Pair crisp, spicy radishes with softened, herbed butter for a quick appetizer that works for every party this spring.  I love how easy it is too.

Photo Eating Well 101

XI. Spring Vegetable Wraps

Spring vegetable wraps and rolls are a colorful, crunchy dish that is wonderful for an appetizer, snack, lunch, or dinner.  It is also a vegan friendly option. Instead of a large wrap, make miniatures for a colorful plate of spring bites.

Photo Comfort Spring

XII.  Caprese Salad Skewers With Honey & Sesame

Bursting with the flavors of basil and tomato, these Caprese skewers will make everyone smile.

Photo Eating Well 101

XIII. Cashew-Lime Cilantro Hummus

I’m a big hummus fan and love the green from the cilantro. It adds zip to the flavor too!

Photo Sunset

XIV.  Za’atar Yogurt Dip and Vegetables

A Middle Eastern spice blend, Za’atar has a slight citrus note that goes well with vegetables. For a recipe to make your own Za’atar blend, see Roasted Beets & Feta on Toast With Homemade Za’atar.   For little work, you can make a platter of vegetables and a bowl of fresh yogurt dip and it requires no forks.

Photo Sunset


XV.  Vegetable Plate with Spring Dips

I am in love with this vegetable plate. The variety of colors and flavors are enhanced by the tasty dips, Red Pepper & Chick Pea and Spring Pea Guacamole. It really makes these beautiful vegetables a delight to eat.

 Photo by Clodagh McKenna, Evening Standard

XVI.  Spring Crudités with Confit Onion Dip

From the farm or garden to the table, eat raw veggies with this fabulous onion dip.

Photo by AmyGlaze.com

XVII.  Fun, Tasty Springtime Treats

Fruit platters and salads are always a great way to celebrate any occasion. Maybe even make a bunny platter for spring and Easter.

Photo by Comfort Spring

Now let’s look at the art of deviled eggs.


XVIII.  Deviled Eggs

Whether you prefer the classic deviled egg or a spicy version like Tex-Mex Deviled Eggs, I believe no gathering is complete without a plate of deviled eggs.  You can make them plain or fancy. It’s your choice. The difference between most deviled eggs is in the spices mixed in the yolk and what garnishes are used. Good Housekeeping has an article with 30+ deviled egg recipes. Here are a few interpretations to get you inspired.

A. Classic Deviled Eggs

Classic Deviled Eggs at Spend With Pennies

So, what are deviled eggs? These are hard boiled eggs that have the yolks removed, mashed into a creamy mixture with seasonings, and added back into the egg whites for serving. They’re a holiday staple for almost every meal from Easter dinner to Thanksgiving.

B. Pimento Cheese Deviled Egg

Pimento Cheese Deviled Egg at Good Housekeeping

C. Truffle Deviled Egg with Candy Bacon

Truffle Deviled Egg with Candy Bacon at Andrea’s Cooktales 

D. Crabby Deviled Egg 

Crabby Deviled Eggs at Cook’s Country

E.  Hummus Deviled Eggs

Hummus Deviled Eggs at The Honour System

F. Mama’s Deviled Eggs With A Parmesan Crisp

Mama’s Deviled Eggs With A Parmesan Crisp at The Novice Chef 

G. Deviled Easter Chick Eggs 

Deviled Easter Chick Eggs at Comfort Spring

Use your favorite deviled egg recipe or mine and decorate the little eggs to look like chicks. It’s not hard and look adorable for holiday get-togethers.

I hope these spring appetizers will inspire you to try something new.  Happy Spring!

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