Pink Azalea


Most azaleas are hardy in planting zones 6-9, with a few varieties tolerating colder temperatures up to zone 4. Azaleas do best in spots sheltered from harsh winds. Partial Shade: Plant azaleas in dappled sunlight, or in a spot with morning sun and afternoon shade.







I bought a small potted azalea at Publix Supermarket.  The little bush is covered in pretty pink flowers.  I’m hoping to plant and grow the little bush in my yard. after it finishes flowering.  For $7.99 even if the little bush doesn’t make it in my yard this summer, it is a great price for pink flowers in February.











Azaleas adapted to Florida require 4–8 weeks of temperatures below 50°F (10°C) and generally begin to bloom between February and early April when warm temperatures follow this chilling period.  Central Florida has mild temperatures in winter and the bushes do not always produce as many flowers as those in north Florida.  Since they need part shade, I am going to try to plant it in the shade of my large crepe myrtle. Fingers crossed.
















I hope you enjoyed my pretty little plant. I say think spring!
















Wishing you a beautiful day.













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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

28 thoughts to “Pink Azalea”

  1. I do love Azaleas, I will be getting a couple for our garden once the borders are in place. Love the shade of pink on yours. Happy Sunday to you!

  2. Pretty pink flowers. When I was growing up in Compton, California, we had an Azalea on the side of the house. The flowers were beautiful, but you couldn’t see them unless you went between our house and the one next door. – Margy

  3. It’s a gorgeous plant Carol! We grew azaleas and rhododendrons when we owned our home in Oregon, but I think it is too hot for them in this part of Florida, at least I’ve never seen any here. I hope yours does well outside, but even as a houseplant for as long as it lasts it was a terrific buy! The color is wonderful.

    1. Azaleas grow in zones 6 to 9. I am 9B and you are in zone 10 – tropical. It’s too hot unfortunately. Take a drive to central Florida – say Bok Towers and Garden in Lake Wales to see loads of azaleas. See my post Bok Towers for more info.

  4. In Spouthern California we had an Azalea growing by the front door and blooming right after new Year. Here Azalas are a little bit more sparse, because it gets more wintery here. Thank you for letting us at All Seasons enjoy your little blooming treasure!Have a good weather week:)

  5. I think I have late morning/early afternoon dappled sun on the porch, I should check it out but then again I never had a flowering plant I didn’t kill. Grew some strawberries and lots of herbs out there though.
    Your azaleas are gorgeous and look so healthy. There’s a lot you can do with that color and I bet it really works well for brightening up any spot in the house.

  6. Carol – azaleas and rhododendrons make such stunning spring displays, especially when they appear in large groupings, such as arboretums. Thanks for sharing these cheery spring colors with everyone at Mosaic Monday!

  7. What gorgeous blooms they are. Alas I won’t be able to grow them in my part of the world where the temperature falls below 10 degrees C on a very very rare day. I hope your plant survives and gives you flowers year on year. But till then, enjoy.

  8. Almost thirty-five years ago, one of my sister’s neighbors pulled up a bunch of the azaleas in her yard and threw them to her curb. My sister brought them to me, and they have abundantly bloomed every year since. It amazes me.

  9. Such a pretty plant. They sell potted azaleas where I live in upstate New York, but none of them would be hardy here. Azaleas (hardy ones, of course) and rhodedendrons flourish where I live. They flower towards the end of May into June.

  10. Carol,

    Several years ago DH bought me the prettiest pink azalea bush. It blooms beautifully and bountifully every spring despite it being partially in the shade. I need to transplant it to a sunnier place in the yard but I dread trying to dig it up because this red clay soil is hard as rock. Thanks for sharing and happy WW! 🙂

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