Driving in the Rain

Like many things in life, rain can be a blessing or even a tragedy when it comes at the wrong time.  Personally if I wake up to the sound of rain, I love staying cozy  under the cover and listening to the patter of rain.  There are many short showers that bring a smile as I drive down the neighborhood street.  Of course, when it floods, or I’m trying to drive in rush hour traffic, heavy rains are another stress factor in my day.





One instance makes me say, “oh how lovely – rain.”  Flooding or a downpour in heavy traffic makes me say “oh no, not rain.”  It really depends on my situation and my frame of mind.  Trying to be calm in the stressful situation and being familiar with safe driving rules for rainy days are two things that can help you relax and stay safe.



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Stay Safe In The Rain


Unfortunately, many drivers only know the basics of driving. Although it is never possible to predict what other road users will do, playing your part and being a good driver will definitely help. Bumper to bumper traffic during rush hour poses all kinds of dangerous situations without the addition of rain and slick roads.







Rain is a hazard that everyone needs to understand how to drive in. You will need to drive in a different way, and still abide by the traffic laws. Before you begin your car journey in the rain, it is important to check that all your lights are working. It may seem as though they are when you are in the car, but that might not be the case. You need other drivers to see you clearly to minimize the risk of an accident. But you don’t want to dazzle them either; this can also cause an accident even if you were trying hard to be safe. Check out the safe driving tips at How to Drive in the Rain.



More Tips For Driving In The Rain


Lights are just one aspect that should be considered when driving in the rain. Something else that will reduce the chances of a traffic accident is knowing how stopping distances work. The stopping distance is the time it takes for your car to stop after you have applied the brakes. Stopping distances increase in the rain as the road is slicker and tires don’t grip as well as they do when it is dry. If you don’t want to be the one to blame, then you will need to adopt a slightly different driving style in the rain, and that means being aware of your stopping distances. Drive more slowly, and brake earlier, for example. Try not to put the brakes on quickly as this will unbalance the car. 


You should also be aware of other vehicles around you. When passing a truck or other large vehicle, for example, your own vehicle will be covered in spray, and this could limit your visibility. Aquaplaning – skidding along the surface of the water instead of the road – is a frightening experience, but knowing how to counteract the skid can save you. Slowly remove your foot from the accelerator and make sure your steering wheel is pointing the direction you want to travel in. When you have slowed down, you wheels should be in contact with the road again, and you can continue to drive.





If you have an accident


A road traffic lawyer could be the very person you need to speak to if you are involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault. As long as you make your claim within three years of the accident, then it may be possible for you to be awarded some compensation. 





The key phrase, of course, is ‘not your fault’.  For many careful drivers, it is someone else’s fault. Someone was distracted, had been drinking, didn’t have their glasses on… there are many reasons why accidents happen. If this happens, you need a professional who is capable of offering the legal representation you need and deserve. To ensure you’re not the person on the wrong side of the claim, you need to drive safely. 


Final thought…


Stay relaxed, follow safe driving rules, and if possible, enjoy the rain. Wishing  you all double rainbows at the end of the rain.






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  1. Nice post! It has done nothing this winter here but rain. UGH! I normally love it but even I am getting a bit over it. I think this article is a good reminder for all especially for young drivers. Appreciate your attention to details.

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