Halloween Monster Eyes

Halloween will be here in a few weeks and it’s a time of celebration and fun!  This year I am adapting deviled eggs for monster fun. Use your favorite deviled egg recipe or try this one.  If you want a gross monster look, add a few drops of green food coloring to the egg yolk filling. I’m not crazy about food coloring, but I am showing you my result. The amount of coloring is up to you.  I think they’re still fun with the traditional yellow filling.  Cut your eggs in half lengthwise and fill.

Now comes the fun part. Add red squiggles to the white of the eye using tomato paste or thick ketchup. I drew them with a toothpick but you could pipe them on.  Push sliced black olives in the middle of the green iris and you’re done.  Bloody eyes for appetizers.

It makes a fun centerpiece for a seasonal get together with a few pieces of veggies to make a face.  I used a pair of deviled eyes, a nose of grape tomato, and a lettuce mouth with grape tomatoes for teeth. Pepper or celery slices would also make a great mouth. Surround the centerpiece with a plate of eyes, crackers, chips, veggies, and maybe my spider pepper on green artichoke spinach hummus. Fun and tasty!

Halloween Monster Eyes Appetizers

Use organic when available. Makes 24 eyes



Halloween Monster Eyes

Halloween deviled eggs decorated as monster eyes. A great hit with the kids.
Course Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine American
Keyword Halloween appetizer, hallween deviled eggs, monster eyes
Servings 24 deviled eggs


  • 6 oz black olives drained and sliced
  • 12 Hard boiled eggs shelled and halved
  • Several drops of green food coloring (optional
  • 2 tbsp Tomato paste


  • Use favorite deviled egg recipe or mine for filling
  • Add a couple of drops of food coloring as desired (optional)
  • Fill egg whites with deviled filling
  • Round filling with spoon
  • Press sliced black olive in filling to create pupil of eye
  • Dip a small fork, knife, or toothpick in tomato paste and add lines to whites of eyes
  • Optional use a pair of eyes to make a appetizer table centerpiece served with tray of monster eyes, crackers, and veggies


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14 thoughts to “Halloween Monster Eyes”

  1. Brilliant! They would make such a great addition to a buffet at Halloween. I’m not crazy about food colouring either. Especially after throwing away a batch of cakes where I’d used black and it tasted revolting. I wonder if I could mix the egg yolk with avocado, spinach or parsley instead. #mmbc

    1. I had thought about using spinach in the food processing for color but didn’t have time to experiment and find out what it does to flavor. Last year I used spinach and artichokes for a green hummus for Halloween but that probably wouldn’t work for deviled eggs. I really like the regular deviled egg flavor.

  2. Yummy monster eyes!! Thanks so much for linking up at #AThemedLinkup 2 for All Things Halloween. Shared.

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  4. I have a friend who made edible cow eye-balls last year… it went viral! So crazy! These remind me of her recipe! Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Turn About!

  5. What a fun appetizer – Thanks for sharing at the What’s for Dinner party – Have a fabulous week!

  6. Thanks for sharing this fun Halloween appetizer! You will be the featured post on this weeks Friday and the Fire Station link up!

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