Simple Chocolate Ricotta Pudding

During the heat of August, you really don’t want to spend time over a hot stove. It’s time for simple, cold chocolate pudding that tastes great and is also good for you!  Ricotta is a soft and creamy cheese used in appetizers, main dishes, and desserts like today’s simple chocolate pudding. The protein in ricotta cheese is mostly whey, a milk protein that contains all of the essential amino acids that humans need to obtain from food. Whey is easily absorbed and may promote muscle growth, help lower blood pressure, and reduce high cholesterol levels.

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We’re using Enjoy Life semisweet dark chocolate chips which are close to 70% cacao.  Check the amount of chocolate in your chips as some are as low as 29%.  I like that the chips are Soy free, Nut free, Gluten free, Dairy free, Non GMO, Vegan, and Paleo.    When eaten in moderation, semisweet chocolate can keep your brain sharp, your blood flowing and your heart healthy.   (This is not a sponsored post; I’m just sharing what I like.)

In a microwave-safe bowl, heat chocolate chips for 20 seconds, stir, and repeat until smooth. In a food processor blend ricotta until smooth. Then add chocolate and process until completely combined. Easy peasy 10 minute dessert and you never turned on the stove.  You can make it ahead of time and refrigerate covered for up to a day. Serve room temperature. Garnish with a few chocolate chips or berries for a splash of color.

Whipped Chocolate Ricotta

Use organic when available, Serves 4


Whipped Chocolate Ricotta

A quick and easy dessert that has the wonderful taste of chocolate.
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword chocolate, chocolate dessert, chocolate ricotta
Servings 4


  • 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
  • 15 oz part skim ricotta
  • optional extra chips, berries for garnish


  • Place chocolate chips in microwave-safe bowl
  • Microwave 20 seconds
  • Stir
  • Repeat until smooth
  • Place ricotta in food processor
  • Process until smooth
  • Add chocolate and process
  • Scrape bowl as necessary to blend well
  • Divide among 4 bowls
  • May be refrigerated up to a day if covered
  • Serve at room temperature
  • Optional garnish with a teaspoon of semisweet chocolate chips or a few berries



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