A Simple Farmhouse Table

Last month I found an adorable pitcher with a cute cow on it at my favorite thrift store.  I grabbed it and started thinking about a simple farmhouse table based on the cow. Don’t you love to find inspiration in inexpensive thrift store finds?






The centerpiece is my friendly cow pitcher filled with flowers and placed on a doily on a black plate. The doily is circled by a dollar store wreath wrapped with a lace ribbon.







In front of the pitcher is a simple country heart with cow salt and pepper shakers.









Using my red checkered tablecloth as a base, I added lace place mats and black plates.   I topped the plates with white saucers and flower decorated cake from the bakery of a local supermarket, Winn Dixie. I was attracted visually to the blue flowers as I’m not really a fan of lots of icing to eat. It makes a statement on the place setting and goes well with the glasses.












I added napkins with floral art decorations.














I hope you enjoyed my simple table.  Have a great day!

















pelican come back often


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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

9 thoughts to “A Simple Farmhouse Table”

  1. Always a big fan of your table settings. I love the farmhouse theme and the cow pitcher is just adorable! #MMBC

  2. Thanks so much for linking up at the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty 37! Shared ♥

  3. Am so envious for your adorable cow pitcher, what a great find. Have recently changed over some of my decorations to cows instead of chickens which have favored for long time.
    We have 3 chickens left from our original 6, one just died couple of weeks ago, she was one of my favorites. Had had our chickens for few years, don’t know how long chickens are supposed to live healthily. I cried, felt so bad she died, was one of better egg layers too. Get so doggoned attached to them. Our older dog that died before Christmas (12/23) was crazy about his girls since we first got them. He watched over them, was so sweet with them. Our cat goes out with them in yard but never bothers them. He’s over 20 yrs.old now. He showed up in our yard in KY, kind of adopted us.
    We had to have him (dog) put to sleep, he was such a wonderful dog, part border collie and black lab. I still miss him so much, he was only 10 yrs.old but he got so sick, had a tumor, cancer. I get so attached to our animals, is so hard when we lose them. We now have a full blooded border collie which was given to us by a client of our vet, He’s a handful, is 8 months old now, got him at 4 1/2 months old, so darned cute and sweet but quickly turned into a handful. Not giving up on him however. Will keep working with him to behave. Original owners hadn’t done anything, taught him anything, was quite clear the first day. He wasn’t allowed in their house at all, can see why.
    Sorry, got off the track.
    I envy you your lovely farmhouse themed table. We don’t have a dining area at all in our single wide mfg. home so no place for table or my other dining furniture. It’s so expensive here for places to live, Especially living on SS so had to get what we could afford, really hard here, as expensive as So.Ca. Lot of wealthy people here. Our 2 youngest live in area, were here when we came here after we left KY. We had great place in KY, very affordable but climate bad for me with allergies, asthma, arthritis. Hated to leave but health was getting worse. Still miss our nice house and 1 1/2 acres. We live out in rural area here on 1/2 acre. Before we lived in KY we lived on 20 acres on big lake in Mt. Loved it. We moved to MT from San Diego areas for 21 yrs. 2 oldest kids still live in S.D. areas.. if we could have what we had then might go back to MT, I would love to. Far as am concerned would love to go back. No sales tax there either. Of all places we’ve lived, been a few, MT I still like the best.
    Sorry this is so long, will end this now. Enjoy your wonderful table and that adorable pitcher.
    Happy week.

    1. Thanks for the newsy message. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories but am so sorry about your animals. Unfortunately they have short lives. I still miss my dog from childhood and I’m retired. Thanks for the kind words about the table. I was very happy to find the cow pitcher – he is so cute. He’s on the side table in the dining area. I hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks for coming by!

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