Treasured Moments In Art

This is the first post in a new series on photography.

For the last three months, we’ve had wonderful holiday moments filled with decorations, family gatherings, and hopefully joy.  During these special times most of us take photos – lots of photos.  January is a great time to look through your images and choose a few for display.

Some shots are good and some are touching. Occasionally an image can help you relive a special moment. Today I suggest you turn your most treasured memories into art you can hold in your hands & experience the magic over and over again.

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Whether it’s a touching moment between family members, a child’s face filled with the wonder of Christmas, or a great autumn family outing, every corner of your home can be filled with the warmth of love. A small portrait in a vignette or a large canvas in the family room, choose images that speak to your heart and keep your loved ones close.

This is not a sponsored post. There are many photo sites across the internet and I’ve used several. I’ve even had photos printed at Office Depot. If I am printing cupcake toppers and decorations for Easter, cheap is the way to go. When I printed my classic illustration from John Gould’s 7 volumes of “Birds of Australia” (1848), I paid for a quality printSeveral times I’ve been asked where I get my prints and I must admit I have a favorite. If I want a quality print that is art, I use a professional company that offers a variety of finishes and styles,   They even have great sales on their products for lower cost and great quality.  I highly recommend them.

Few photography labs still use traditional technology to create prints and books. Longstanding silver halide processing uses chemistry to infuse  images into paper. This process results in a sharper, more vibrant photo than the cheaper ink printing offered by many mass production labs.

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Check out The Spruce’s post on 12 Great Design Ideas for Gallery Walls   .   I hope I inspired you!



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14 thoughts to “Treasured Moments In Art”

  1. My house, as you might imagine, has art all over it. Some from more well-known artists, some from local/regional artists I enjoy (some of whom are friends), some of it my own. Plus the family photos. I swear I keep frame places in business! I love being surrounded by images that make me smile.

  2. Nice to meet you Carol! 🙂 Thanks for visiting The Doglady’s Den, earlier. These images are beautiful art pieces (except the first one won’t display for me. Technical glitch?). Thanks for sharing them and also the info about AdoramaPix. Cheers!

    1. Hi Debbie. It’s always nice to make new friends and I did enjoy your blog. I’ll have to check on the image that didn’t display for you. I hate that. Thanks for letting me know. Hope you visit you soon.

        1. I’ve edited, uploaded again and still can’t see it on E. So I totally replaced it. I don’t have time to spend another hour on it. So aggravating!

  3. I have printed photos all over the place too. We even had one family photo printed in canvas and it sat in a treasured spot over our fireplace for years. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home. Pinned.

  4. Loved this. I recently finished my second gallery wall. Well, I say finished, but I still have a couple of items I want to add to it, but it is basically complete. I realize printing is very different than it used to be. Very good article. TFS.

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