Simple DIY Advent Candle Craft

Sunday, December 2nd is the first Sunday of Advent. Many people around the world celebrate this time in preparation for Christmas. Celebrations can use an Advent calendar, an Advent wreath, and family prayers. For more information on celebrating Advent see Simple Ways to Celebrate Advent: Wreaths, Calendars, & Activities .

I have a printable free Advent calendar for download celebrating the 24 days prior to Christmas. If you want to simply celebrate Advent, make a wreath or calendar and add activities that enhance the season. Print and celebrate the days with family activities like gathering donations to charity, buying gifts for a Giving Tree, baking gifts for others, or reading about the story of Jesus in scripture.


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Last week I shared my Advent Acts of Kindness, and I am beginning my random acts of kindness with letters to military personnel.  To get ready for Advent, today I’m making my Advent candle vignette. I don’t always use a wreath with my candles, but I like to try different, easy arrangements.  Last year I made a simple arrangement of candles for Advent using custard cups, salt, and dollar store tea lights.  Christmas Day was the white candle on my silver reindeer.



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I got my first Advent wreath decades ago. It was a simple metal wreath with faux greenery and four calendar holders marking the four Sundays before Christmas.  Some Advent wreaths have a 5th white candle in the center for Christmas Day. Advent wreaths are an ancient tradition going back as far as Roman times. Today there are various customs according to several liturgical denominations involving the color of the candles and their significance.  On the first Sunday, a candle is lit and a prayer or scripture read. Snuff out the candle. Please don’t blow it out or the hot melted wax might spray. The next Sunday light the first and the second. Have a service and extinguish the candle. Each week light in order, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd,  until the last Sunday there are four candles burning. The candles do not have to burn down but can burn for your remembrance and be extinguished. If you want a Christmas Day candle, the four candles and a fifth white candle all are burning on Christmas.  If you do not want burning candles, try a battery operated candle for no fire.  For suggestions on scripture readings, see Simple Ways to Celebrate Advent: Wreaths, Calendars, & Activities .


Make Your Own Advent “Wreath” Christmas 2017


Yes, you could make any kind of wreath, place it on a table with 4 candle holders, and you’re set.  Did you know you don’t really need to buy or make a wreath for Advent candles? You can celebrate each Sunday leading up to Christmas with a simple vignette of 4 candles with decorations and if desired the 5th candle for Christmas Day.  Last year I made my Advent Wreathless Vignette with 4 clear glass custard cups, a box of salt, a spray of silver berries, and a card with 2 Christmas ornaments of silver bells. I’ve had the custard cups for decades. All you need are 4 clear glass bowl or cups.  All four do not have to match.  You’ll notice I have two sets of 2 I’m using. The salt was 47 cents at Aldi, a pack of 4 candles, ornaments and spray are  from Dollar Tree. The small package of chocolate kisses from Dollar Tree was used to decorate the vignette later. Cost for making this wreathless Advent candles display without the Christmas Day candle is $3.47.






I put a candle in each cup and poured salt around it. It looks snowy and is not flammable. My mother taught me to put out grease fires in the kitchen with a box of salt as a child.  I cut the little silver berries off the spray and put a few around the candle on the salt to make it decorative.








I wanted to have the optional Christmas Candle. Last year I bought the little silver reindeer candle holder at Walmart for $5.  I placed my deer in a vintage petal glass bowl I have in my collection.  Again fill the bottom of the bowl with salt. It’s starting to look nice and wintery.  I cut two sets of leaves off the silver berry garland and placed them on both sides of the deer on the salt. A few silver berries complete the look.



Advent Candles 2018


This year my simple Christmas craft is again  Advent candles using Dollar Tree candles, vintage wine glasses from the thrift store, ornaments, and seasonal decor.  I will do an arrangement of 3 wine glasses and the large candle for the 4th Sunday of Advent in a cut crystal bowl. I went through so many wine glasses at the thrift store looking for those with larger bowls to hold Christmas ornaments.















I also have a box of Christmas decorations I got on clearance last year and a box of small soft colored ornaments.  My color scheme this year is more aqua, turquoise, teal,  pink, silver and gold.







I’m arranging the vignette on a vintage mirrored tray from the 1960’s. Normally it’s in the bedroom but it’s perfect for the candles and wine glasses.  I put a little crocheted rectangular doily on the mirrored surface to cut down the glare. Below is glasses and ornaments without the doily.






Fill each wine glass with small ornaments and silver balls.  Put your hand on top of the wine glass and turn it upside down on the tray. I think it looks much better with the doily.









Place a candle on top of each wine glass and add a few  ornaments with sparkles around  the glasses.   I’m ready for Advent!







I added a bouquet of soft colored flowers and cotton balls  in a milk glass vase behind the tray.














I’m putting my vignette on my grandmother’s side table in the corner of the living room.  I like it in the evening with the floor lamp turned on.  I’ve already changed my pillow covers on the futon and hope to do more decorating in the next week. I’ll share the finished room at the end of the month.













For more ideas on making Advent vignettes and celebrating Advent, see Simple Ways to Celebrate Advent: Wreaths, Calendars, & Activities  and Advent Acts of Kindness.  Happy Holidays!






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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

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  1. These are all so pretty, Carol. And so easy! Of course, you need the right tray but still, most all of us have something that will do very nicely! I love the colors you chose for the tray project and your advent wreath is really a terrific idea. The “snow” from salt is brilliant — I’ll be using that one no matter what! Great post today!

    1. I’d have to go the beach for sand though my yard’s dirt is mostly sand. Salt works well and I have it. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Hi Carol, how lovely! Last years Advent candles were simple, but effective. I like the addition of colour to this years. The way you’ve used the wine glasses is very creative!

    Thank you for popping by and linking up with #keepingitreal


  3. I really like your choice of colours Carol it looks so pretty, and I love the matching cushions too!

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC and I hope you have had a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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