Nature at Phillipe Park

Philippe Park
2525 Philippe Parkway
Safety Harbor, FL 34695




It’s a beautiful fall day in Florida with low humidity and blue skies that seem to go forever. Today let’s go visit a local park south of me.  The oldest park in Pinellas County Florida is Philippe Park in Safety Harbor.  The land in the park was once part of a large plantation built by Count Odet Philippe, one of the more colorful figures in Pinellas County’s past. Odet was the first non-native, permanent settler on the Pinellas peninsula.  He owned a 160-acre plantation and introduced citrus growing to the area in 1842. (Pinellas County is a peninsula on a peninsula. Fun Fact)














The original inhabitants were a people known as the Tocobaga Indians of Tampa Bay. The Tocobaga lived in small villages at the northern end of Tampa Bay from 900 to the 1500s.  In approximately 1528, Pánfilo de Narváez, a Spanish explorer, arrived in the Tampa Bay area. He and his men discovered the Tocobaga. Like many other indigenous people, the arrival of Europeans  brought disease and violence to the tribe’s peaceful existence. The Tocobaga were hunters not warriors. As a result, the Tocobaga Indians became extinct within the next 100 years.







In the park, there is a Temple Mound that was built by the Tocobaga. It is the largest remaining mound in the Tampa Bay region and is listed in the National Register of Historic Landmarks. The mound was made of alternating layers of shell and sand. Remains of posts indicate there was at least one structure on top, possibly used for ceremonial purposes or the chief’s dwelling. Archaeologists believe the ramp led to a “town plaza” at the base of the mound.  For more information, click here.




The park has 8 shelters, a playground, fishing, a boat ramp, a softball field, and a mile of Tampa Bay shoreline.







I personally like sitting and watching the bay. It’s a lovely place to spend some quiet time.















Majestic shade trees welcome visitors.








It’s also a great place to watch a Florida sunset.










You really can’t do better than that.




















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31 thoughts to “Nature at Phillipe Park”

  1. As always, beautiful pictures. You really captured the essence of that park. I was amazed at the trees that were growing so close to the ground and were all snarled and twisted. They were beautiful! TFS.

  2. Another great tour. I’d love to go sit on one of those benches and watch the sunset….so peaceful! Thanks so much for sharing. HOPE you have a wonderfully blessed THANKSgiving!

  3. The scenes and photos are so beautiful. It’s hard for me to believe that you have such beautiful weather while the rest of North America is getting snow, rain and cloudy skies. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving

    1. We had a cool front move in 2 days ago – same time that snow storm moved across the north. It’s not horrible and not even close to freezing for a low. It’s just Florida winter of cool breezes and I put on socks and long pants. This is my favorite time of year in Florida. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. I was stung more than once as a child but now I’m not trying to bother bees. I like most creatures with a few exceptions. Got to admit I hate roaches and prefer to leave spiders alone. A black widow almost got me as a child. As for alligators (I’m in Florida), I say leave them alone, don’t feed them, and let them stay in the Everglades (but they don’t!)

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