Adding Fall To Coastal Decor

Living in Florida, I have many coastal elements in my home.  My living room decor is dominated by my floral painting  over the futon (see Original Art by Peter Cocuzza) and is mostly coastal in colors.  I change the feel of the room for fall by adding more tan, deeper colors, and textures.  I’m not really an orange fan.  Instead of aqua and peach think turquoise, deep purples, and navy blues.

Decorating Hint #1

Having a wash and dry white futon cover is really the basis of the living room when paired with my painting.  It’s made like a bottom sheet and it tucked around the futon mattress.  White is my choice for a bright room year round, but I could buy it in different colors and change it for the season. Consider washable slip covers for your couch and chairs. It’s a great investment.

Decorating Hint #2

My first action is to change the pillow covers on the white futon as seasons change.   Buy or make pillow covers instead of buying multiple sets of pillows. Who has room for all those seasonal pillows?  Not me. I look for sheets, tablecloths, curtains, and other linens at the thrift store for pillow covers, table runners, and tablecloths.  For a few dollars  and a little work, you have a different feel to your space for a new season.

Last spring I went with pink floral covers and used them throughout spring and most of summer. In the fall I go with tans and darker colors.

Decorating Hint #3

Buy or make some pillow covers you love that could span multiple seasons. I especially like using the black and white pillow covers.  They would work anytime of year.

Decorating Hint #4

Add  other accessories that fit your color scheme in deeper tones.

This is my 2017 Fall Coastal Table in turquoise and brown with shells and pumpkin. Turquoise and brown are my favorite color combinations for fall.

Decorating Hint #5

Add natural elements and texture to your room.

Bowls of apples are another way to celebrate autumn with natural elements. Use burlap and other rough fabrics to add texture. No matter the color scheme of your home, add wood, stone, metal, seasonal fruit, and texture to introduce the harvest season and beginning of fall. Nothing says fall like pine cones on wood even in a coastal living room.

Decorating Hint #6

Be true to yourself and your style. Don’t allow current fads to dictate what is in your home.  A new accessory  that fits a current trend may work well, but don’t base your whole room on something that may be out of fashion tomorrow unless you LOVE it.

I love soft colors. Doesn’t matter that it’s October and every store is screaming orange pumpkins. I respond to fall accessories of wood, burlap, and deeper coastal colors.

For a soft autumn look, I bought two new pillow covers with pink and gold pumpkins last year. The pillows look wonderful with the tan pillows on the white futon with my coastal colored painting, and I was planning to use them again this year. Then I got a new pillow that is a simple cottage look in soft tans. That’s my fall inspiration this year.

I’ll show you more of my fall living room in a post next week.

A soft fall table can include peach roses and a lovely tablecloth from a thrift store curtain. I made the tablecloth 2 years ago for less than $2 and this is still one of my favorite autumn looks.  All I have to buy for my table are peach roses.

Decorating Hint #7

Move the art around in your home to make a new look.  Print out free printables and make vignettes and new wall arrangements for the fall or holidays. Store the other seasons behind the current print in the frame.

Rethink autumn if you are a lover of soft colors. Autumn can mean a soft, purple or turquoise table and still be beautiful. I made this purple and gold table back in 2016 using fresh pears, eggplant, soft roses, purple flowers, and a beautiful tea set.

I hope I’ve given you inspiration  for your fall home. Shop your closets and home to find hidden gems to welcome the new season. If you go to yard sales or thrift stores, look for shirts and linens to make pillow covers and table runners.  Only find summer colors now? Find something you love and put it away until next spring’s crafts.

Hello Autumn Printable

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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

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  1. Hi! This post is very interesting. There are many cool photos,I enjoyed them very much. ” Be true to your style” ,I like this sentence very much.

  2. I especially like the pinecones and candle on the wood trivet on the coffee table. THANKS for sharing at last week’s RTT party. Hope to see you at this week’s party.

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