Adding Coastal: Floral Anchor Printables

I have been looking for a floral anchor to add to my coastal art collection. There are many pretty ones available to buy. I found a beautiful one that was sold on Etsy by MossandTwigPrints about two years ago.





Currently the print available is on a pink background below. Sigh. I really prefer the one above without the pink. The flowers, rope, and star fish stand out so much better.  So I kept looking.




Floral Anchor Printable Nautical Nursery Decor Mermaid image 1




Numerous searches produced a free one similar to the one I fell in love with. It’s a free download for personal use at kisspng.  I downloaded the image below. It sized 1024 x 1024 which is small.



Available at




I increased the DPI to 300 and resized it for 8″ x 10″. I added a matching border which eliminates the need for matting. Printed and now I have a beautiful coastal addition to my walls.












I’ve collected several more anchors to share with you. Below is Bright Floral Anchor. I’ve already had it printed for use in the fall/winter.  I can rotate prints in the same frame. Again it sized 8 x 10″.








A 2nd version I call Bright Floral Anchor 2 is sized 8 x 10″.









For a more cottage coastal look, I have Pink Striped Floral Anchor sized 8 x 10″.










Thanks for coming by!








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