DIY Patriotic Farmhouse Decor With Bandanas

It’s coming to the end of May and it’s time for me to start adding more red, white and blue to my home. From Memorial Day until mid July blue and red dominate my colors on the dining table, living room, and front porch.  Today I’m making an extremely simple patriotic decor from Dollar Tree bandanas and white cord.  What I love about this idea is that I can take it apart in August and do something entirely different with the bandanas and cord.


I want a simple decoration around my plates on the table. I will using white cord that I bought last year. I either got it at Walmart or Michael’s for about $7.00.  Tie a knot in end of cord. I used a place mat under my plate to help me define the size I wanted to make.  I looped the cord 3 times around the plate on the middle of the place mat and added a few more inches before cutting.  Tie new end in a knot.






Take a bandana and fold in half on a diagonal forming a large triangle.  Take 2 end tips on the longest side to meet and fold again into smaller triangle.  Take bottom tip and make small fold and start folding and rolling until you have a thin long scarf.





Put scarf roll under the 3 cords on the side and tie with 2 ends on top about a quarter of circle to the right.







Tie knot in end of remaining white cord. Measure about 23″, cut, and tie knot in new end.





Put white cord under circular cord between the bandana and top of circle and tie a bow on top.







Repeat with scarves and cord pieces around circle.  Use it on a picnic table, a dining table,








on a place mat,  or on a table-cloth.





It works around a centerpiece.







And I like how it looks on the wall hanging from the white wooden hook by the front door. It’s very versatile for a farmhouse summer look in your home.









You could do one long straight piece if you did not want a circle and use it with other country items in vignettes or on the wall. Be creative with it. It only takes minutes, no sewing, no glue. You just make knots.  It would work well with a coastal table too.







Thanks for visiting. I hope I inspired you.







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22 thoughts to “DIY Patriotic Farmhouse Decor With Bandanas”

    1. I know – I love them too. Always trying to come up with something new with them. It’s fun.

  1. A great use of bandanas, I have so many. My mother would love a flower and flag arrangement. Starting the red, white and blue around Memorial Day is a fantastic idea. I may get my colors out if I ever get to that part of the apartment (storage under the stairs) during the great purge of 2018.

    1. I’d like to find different colors. Dollar Tree only has blue and red. Can’t wait to see what you pull out and use.

  2. Simple and easy way for anyone to add some patriotic colors to their home decor. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday

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