Spring Bouquet With Blue Flag Iris & Amaryllis

When I was at Tasty Tuesday’s Farmers Market this week, one grower had a bucket of bouquets at $5 each. Each had an Amaryllis bloom as the major attraction and I wanted one. It’s that time of year and the Amaryllis are blooming.  (Amaryllis is a subtropical bulb that belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family and is native to South Africa. It is grown as a potted plant in most parts of the United States but can also be grown outdoors year round in Florida.)

Then I saw in a separate container a few small bouquets with blue iris. I’m crazy about iris and really miss bearded iris from my childhood in Tennessee.   I found out it is a Florida native iris, “Blue Flag” which grows around ponds, creeks, and other wet area.  (Iris virginica is also commonly known as the blue flag, harlequin blue flag, larger blue flag, northern blue flag, and poison flag. Blue flag is prevalent throughout the eastern half of the U.S. and Canada)  The smaller bouquets had an Amaryllis bloom with several Blue Flag iris blooms.  I bought one.  The grower offered me a live plant from his pond when he saw how much I loved it.  I have no wetlands on my postage stamp yard.  I was grateful but declined to move and probably kill a beautiful plant.







I went to Publix Supermarket for a small bunch of flowers. Each week they have small bouquets that are 3 for $12.  I was hoping for something white like baby’s breath.  What they had surprised me – white Alstroemeria with 3 red roses.   What a nice combination.






I arranged the 2 bunches together in a vase.  My beautiful spring bouquet is special because of the iris.  Gorgeous on Tuesday, the iris were tired on Wednesday, and gone on Thursday. Was it worth it for 2 days? You bet!












On Wednesday afternoon I received my free canvas print from The Canvas Factory.  I had no idea anyone would sell iris bouquets when I ordered this.  It’s not something you see for sale often here in Florida.






I added my Shadow Iris plates from Corelle with my hand blown purple glasses. A quick table to celebrate my new print.










I believe you can find inspiration and joy in small things – a surprise of iris in flowers, a pretty watercolor iris print, a friend dropping by to share my day.











I thank you for sharing this day with me.  Happy Easter and Passover!













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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

9 thoughts to “Spring Bouquet With Blue Flag Iris & Amaryllis”

  1. Beautiful bouquets. Here in Michigan I am still waiting for my Crocus to pop up. Nothing so far. But we still have a bit of snow on the ground in some places. Thanks for sharing your finds.

    1. My sister lives in Michigan and she can’t wait for spring! Thanks for visiting and have a happy Easter!

  2. Beautiful Bouquets Carol — flowers make me happy too and I was ecstatic to find a stand of those wild Florida irises a few years ago — I must go and look for them again. (I miss the Spring flowers from Oregon too). Two days of them in your beautiful arrangement was definitely worth it and besides that you will have the pictures forever!!

  3. Sounds like your love affair with iris is like mine with daylilies … I try not to be sad when the flowers fade after one day!

    1. Oh don’t get me started on my love of lilies. In another month or 6 weeks, I’ll have my short days of lilies. Ah! Why do spring flowers quit so fast?

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