Fun & Tasty Springtime Fruit Treats

I’ve been collecting and pinning ideas for years and decided this spring to start trying to make my versions of more of the inspirations.  Yesterday the first one was a cute spring appetizer called “Carrot Patch.”  Today we going with two appetizers/treats: a fresh fruit  platter shaped like an egg and a tasty bunny snack.

Don’t you love all the beautiful fruit platters online? They come in all sorts of shapes.  This is my first attempt to try and make a shaped platter.  I had 2 friends staying with me and knew this would be a great treat for us. Originally I was planning to make a fruit pizza like many of the inspirations, but with a ton of fruit in front of me and a friend unexpectedly dropping by in a few minutes, a quick fruit salad and platter are the answer. No time to make a cookie dough pizza. Just as well, Angela is very health conscious, cute middle-aged lady who watches her diet and exercises regularly. She really wouldn’t have eaten much with a cookie base, but she is a fruit lover.  I started by outlining an egg on the platter with grapes

I had purchased most of the fruit that morning relying on all the sales at the market.  Florida strawberries were only $1.99,  and fresh peeled and cored pineapple was $2.00 off.  Add fresh grapes and apples on sale  and we’re in great shape.  I already had blood oranges at home.  Really if you’re buying oranges, go with the blood orange ones as they really stand out on the platter.

Next came a slice of pineapple with strawberries for the bottom and sliced blood orange with pineapple and strawberries at the top.   Fill in with more grapes.

A quick pretty platter which is both tasty and easy.  Cut fruit into bite sized pieces for a platter and have a little container of toothpicks next to the tray.

I quickly mixed the rest of the grapes, strawberries, pineapple, blood orange and a green apples to make a fruit salad.

I squeezed blood orange juice on the fruit to prevent the apples browning, scooped out 2 orange halves, and filled with fruit to put by the bowl.  Orange bowls are pretty but not really practical to serve fruit.  Next to the fruit salad is my fruit platter.  Ready for my friends!  It was tasty.

A couple of days later, I began to experiment with breakfast & snack bunnies.  I was inspired by this photo from Mommyapolis.

I don’t know where she got the mini-bagels but all the bagels I buy have holes. I did not find any gluten-free mini-bagels.  This is not conducive to making a cute rabbit face.  My nut butter and hummus fell into the hole.  I finally cut a circle from cheese to cover the hole and then modified original design to make a bunny.  I suggest using bread cut into a circle or English muffins.  Bagels with holes are a mess – tasty but a mess.

I used raisins for eyes and cheese for teeth. It’s not as cute as I wanted but it was tasty.  I got to eat all my experiments for lunch.

I was also inspired by this cute bunny pair by Handmade Charlotte made with mini-bagels and cream cheese.  I tried it with crackers; my usual whole grain crackers are smaller than the inspiration so the little faces are out of proportion.  I think it would be easier with English muffins or  puffed rice crackers myself. Nice size for the face. I tried with almond butter (I really like nut butters and fruit.) and with cream cheese.

The one above has an almond butter base, cranberry eyes, apple ears,  and a blueberry nose. The bow tie is cheese. Quite tasty.

Then I tried it with cream cheese and fruit.  It looks cuter with the white background but taste-wise I prefer almond butter with fruit.  Suit your taste buds.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed my little spring/Easter snacks and appetizers.

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16 thoughts to “Fun & Tasty Springtime Fruit Treats”

  1. Hi Carol, I tend to eat more fruit when it’s presented as a colourful treat in bitesized pieces.It’s worth buying fruit at sale price… I love your bunnies, they’d be a fun way of getting chuldren to eat healthy snacks without knowing it.


  2. Oh I love these! We had a Gruffalo cookery book a while back and made shaped sandwiches and things by following their recipes, you’re so good just finding inspiration for yourself and making it. I love the fruit egg! #keepingitreal

  3. The fruit platter and salad looks amazing – I eat a lot of apples but definitely not enough other fruit. It tastes so much better in its country of origin, so although there’s plenty of fruit in the UK it’s not always the tastiest. #keepingitreal

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