How To Update A Professional Faux Flower Arrangement

Faux Flower Arrangements


Faux florals and botanicals are the perfect addition to any space. Silk flowers are so realistic today that sometimes it’s almost impossible to tell the fake from the real.  Most “silk” flowers are made from cotton, rayon or polyester fabrics. When selecting flower tops, go for a variety of textures to give the arrangement interest, and include both large blossoms and small buds. As for the stems, there are several types. The least expensive is plastic, but better-quality stems are hand-wrapped with floral tape, which provides a more natural appearance. Pliable stems made with wire are even more realistic but can be quite expensive.


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While floral professionals can custom-make beautiful arrangements, they’re also easy to make or even update yourself.  Arrangements should be about 1½ times the height and width of the container. Start by inserting the main flowers (they stand tall and have many blossoms close to the stem)  both horizontally and vertically to create a fan shape. Focal and filler flowers and botanicals are then added to complete the design. Below I used dried botanicals, feathers and greenery with the faux flowers for a holiday table.





Burlap, Lace & Birds Holiday Table


Care of Faux Flowers


With care, silk arrangements can last for years. To prevent fading, protect them from direct sunlight. You can use a feather duster or a hair dryer on a no-heat setting to dust them off; commercial silk flower cleaners can also be used. If, after time, your arrangement starts to look droopy, use a clothes steamer or a steam iron to perk it up.







The pretty little peach flowers in the metal basket was a remarkable find at the thrift store. At 75% off, it was practically free.







I cleaned them, and worked with the flattened flowers before putting them on a side table in the living room in August. They look like summer to me and would work well with a bowl of peaches. I’ll definitely do that next summer.



Updating Professional Arrangements


I wanted to do a slight update of the peach arrangement for a soft, fuller look. For the size of the basket I think it needed a few more flowers.

I. By adding more peach tones with a darker accent, I made the arrangement more substantial and added depth.  The original arrangement is really all one tone. The original arrangement also have flowers permanently fixed in the basket, but the wire stems allow me to bend and move the flowers. My additional flowers are not fixed but can be removed if desired.






II. I can see it as a spring arrangement by just adding 3 pink tulips, a few sprigs of pink hydrangea, and placing it on a white doily with a bunny. Next spring I must use it in a spring vignette. Wouldn’t it look great with Easter eggs?


















III. After removing the tulips and hydrangea, I placed the arrangement in an old basket to make a fall vignette.













I added a cloth pumpkin in neutral shades, filled in the basket with pine cones, and lined the edge with fall leaves.








IV. Now the arrangement perfectly anchors a beautiful fall vignette when I added a small deer to the side of the basket. I am thrilled at the result and the little arrangement cost me $1.75.









Enhancing a New Professional Arrangement


My second professional arrangement was a gift .






It is a beautiful arrangement of peonies, hydrangea, and a variety of other botanicals.  The colors of the peonies vary from cream, to pink, to orange with a complement of green hydrangea and textures.  It comes in a small clear glass vase with acrylic water.  What I love about this arrangement is the variety of colors. If I turn and show the pink in the front it looks more like late spring and summer.  I can imagine it adding to vignettes for multiple seasons. That’s my goal with most of my arrangements.   If I place the vase with the orange peony in the front, it looks like fall.









Although the arrangement is beautiful as it is, I want more texture for a fall vignette.  I truly believe that adding texture to an arrangement or tablescape can totally change the look.  Also, I don’t like the empty glass at the bottom.  I first added dried white beans to the glass vase. I could have used any dried vegetable – corn, green peas, etc.  I had the white beans and it is neutral which I love.








I wrapped jute around the glass vase  and tied it in front.  Simple but again it adds lots of texture and a rustic feel.









I placed the small arrangement on the wooden stand in the corner of the dining room with a beige doily. I hsve turned the side with green hydrangea and peach orange flower to the front. It now looks like fall to me.







I added a small white pumpkin beside it.   I love this look!  Simple but beautiful.









In a couple of months, this little arrangement would look beautiful for the holidays with just a few additions to it.  I cut greenery from my yard and added it around the arrangement top and bottom.  It helps frame the shape and gives the arrangement a holiday feeling.  I added a white poinsettia, a couple of red flowers, and a few white berry sprays.









Since I increased the width of the arrangement, I needed to visually expand the container. I placed it on a pink depression glass cake plate and added pastel Christmas ornaments with greenery.







A green depression glass candle stick completes the vignette.







Now my arrangement looks quite appropriate for December.













I hope I inspired you in your use of “faux” flowers in your decor.
















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  1. Hi Carol, what lovely arrangements! My favourites are the one you added the deer too and the Christmas one. Faux flowers are really very realistic looking. My daughter has a few faux sunflowers in an old whiskey bottle in her bedroom and it looks really nice.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


  2. Faux flowers can be so expensive, it’s lovely to have these ideas to update them. Love all the arrangements, Carol, but my favourite is the peonies! Pinning and sharing on the H& S Facebook page. Thank you so much for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party.

  3. Carol, I have to say the addition of the faux flowers to the already pre-made set made a huge difference. It is fuller and prettier with the variation in colors and shapes. All of your arrangements are lovely.

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