White Periwinkle or Vinca, My Gift From God

Back in spring 2014 when I first began landscaping my yard (Spring in My Developing Front Garden), I planted  yellow wildflowers on the side garden next to the sidewalk. In the middle of the summer,  I saw a little white flower on a long stem peeking out in the large mass of yellow wild flowers. It looked like periwinkle (vinca) but it was white. I had seen lots of purple periwinkle and had planted some in the front yard.

I am used to small plants of purple periwinkle or vinca

They grow into small plants that spread making great ground cover. I had no idea how the seed for this white plant appeared and grew in the large wildflower patch. I just loved it and called it my Gift From God.


In the fall, I carefully cut out the dying wildflowers trying to leave the long skinny white periwinkle. It had grown into multiple stems and was on a long, long stem trying to survive midst the other flowers. I  topped the plant hoping it would survive and grow.  It did.

white periwinkle appeared in my flower bed


That one plant grew multiple, multiple branches. It grew huge and fell over from weight. I tied it to a stake. I periodically trimmed it, but it continued to mushroom.


White Periwinkle My Gift From God


That, my friends, is one plant. I have to keep trimming or it would have grown to my neighbor’s house. When I have found a few babies, I have tried transplanting them to other areas.


White Periwinkle To Back side


This new plant I transplanted as a baby is doing very well.


Transplanting white periwinkle babies to back side garden


I hope by next year to have another plant growing in the backyard.


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I was raised in Tennessee but have lived in Florida for many years. Love my small home in the Tampa Bay area and its developing garden. My decorating style is eclectic - some vintage, some cottage, all with a modern flair. Pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Spent many years in social services but am happily retired.

42 thoughts to “White Periwinkle or Vinca, My Gift From God”

  1. I enjoyed this little story of faith and persistence. Yours certainly were rewarded with a beautiful and unusual plant. Thank you for your visit to my post – I love to meet a new blogger!

  2. Hello Carol. And thank you for visiting my blog in Great Britain. A fascinating tale of your periwinkles and your determination to grow the white oness. You must have very green fingers.

  3. What darling little posies, Carol! They are growing very well for you. They remind me of little stars and fill in very nicely. Yes, I would certainly consider those wee beauties a gift. Thanks for sharing with us and have a beautiful week.


  4. So pretty! Yes, I feel that flowers in their unique colors are a gift. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great week!

  5. Carol, It is indeed a beautiful gift! Thank you for sharing, your plants are simply beautiful. Have a lovely week!

  6. It’s so nice to meet people who can grow things. My mother loved flowers and loved gardening. I did NOT inherit her ability. I’ve killed every plant I’ve ever touched. If I go in a nursery plants look at me and hope I don’t buy them. lol

    Enjoyed your post!
    Teresa from NanaHood

  7. I enjoyed this little story of faith and persistence and it seems to me that nature has such a gentle way of reminding us of God and His constant presence.
    Blessings to you and the week ahead.

  8. Aren’t volunteers wonderful! Yours sure has done spectacularly, although I am sure it is because of the tender care you have given it. We live on a lovely earth.
    🙂 gwingal

  9. Your garden is beautiful! I have these planters on our pergola and the Morning Glories are growing like weeds. I can’t wait until they bloom in a week or two.

  10. Carol, I love periwinkles! It’s the only plant I haven’t killed yet and it still keeps on growing. Well, that and my morning glories both are about to take over my front courtyard so I think it’s time to trim them down. Thank you so much for sharing with us at #SimplifyWednesdays ! Pinned, Tweeted, Shared

  11. Vinca is very rewarding for a gardener as it grows easily and looks so good, Carol. Your photos are lovely and your garden is beautiful.
    Thank you for your participation in the Floral Friday Fotos meme,

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