The First Frangipani Blooms of the Season

Yesterday I was excited to see my first frangipani (plumeria) blooms of the season. I am just slowly learning about this tropical plant. Several years ago when I first started planning my front yard, I attended a plant sale of a local garden club. I bought several plants and as I paid, I was told everyone who purchased today got a free frangipani. Then they handed me what looked like a stick.

First blooms of the season of frangipani

When I came home, I put my pots on the front porch until I could plant them. I laid the stick on a chair while I looked up the plant online to see what they need to grow. Two days later, I realized I had forgotten it when I saw on the porch chair the stick was sprouting.

First blooms of the season of frangipani2

From information online, I learned that frangipani requires six hours direct sunlight daily. Frangipanis are very drought, salt and fire tolerant plants. They do not have extensive root systems. I choose a spot and planted. My stick sprouted leaves and produced white flowers with a yellow center. My friend next door has several frangipanis in her backyard. Her flowers are pink, and this year she gave me a cutting. We planted it in the backyard and it is starting to sprout. I can’t wait until it blooms, but for now I have my flowers in the front yard.

Frangipani close-up


It will bloom all summer. In September, it will start to lose its leaves, and during the winter it will again be a stick in the ground.

Frangipani close-up2

I hope you enjoyed my little frangipani plant. Have a wonderful day.



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17 thoughts to “The First Frangipani Blooms of the Season”

  1. Beautiful! I’ve never even heard of this plant before, and I’m quite into gardening. Maybe I’ve never heard of it because it gets too cold here in the winter.

  2. How beautiful…so pretty they almost don’t look real. We see plenty of plumeria when we go to Hawaii. Happy Mother’s day.

    1. If you live in a warm climate, plant in the yard. If not, make them a house plant. Carol

  3. Wow that is an amazing plant and the flower is so pretty. I’ve heard the name before but knew nothing about it. I love how it sounds so easy to grow and care for. Thank you for sharing the info about them. Though I can’t grow it here it is interesting to learn about different plants.

  4. WHat a gorgeous plant! I admit, your first paragraph made me laugh. “Thanks for buying all the plants from us, here’s a stick!” LOL Seeing this gorgeous bloom, makes me wish I was in zone 9 or 10, not 5. The petals almost look like a magnolia. Gorgeous flower!

    1. Some people grow plumeria or frangipani as an indoor plant. You can check it out online for requirements. This was my first plant and I do love them now.

  5. Oh it is gorgeous! Isn’t it amazing what can come out of a stick? lol! Thanks for sharing this beauty with the Garden Party.

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