The Soothing World of Cucumbers – DIY Face Mask Brighten Your Skin!

Cucumbers have a high water content – approximately 96%, and eating them on a hot, summer day can help you stay hydrated. With vitamins A, B, C, and K and with the minerals cooper, magnesium, potassium and silica, cucumbers are more nutritious than regular water.   They are good for you internally and externally.

Cucumbers contain an anti-inflammatory flavonol called fisetin that appears to play an important role in your brain health.  According to The George Mateljan Foundation, cucumbers help protect you from cancer. The George Mateljan Foundation for the World’s Healthiest Foods was established by George Mateljan to discover, develop and share scientifically proven information about the benefits of healthy eating, and to provide the personalized support individuals need to make eating The World’s Healthiest Foods enjoyable, easy, quick and affordable.Their website states:

“Scientists have already determined that several different signaling pathways (for example, the JAK-STAT and MAPK pathways) required for cancer cell development and survival can be blocked by activity of cucurbitacins.”

Cucumbers contain polyphenols called lignans (pinoresinol, lariciresinol, and secoisolariciresinol), which may help to lower your risk of breast, uterine, ovarian, and prostate cancers. They also contain phytonutrients called cucurbitacins, which also have anti-cancer properties.

Cucumber juice has magnesium, potassium and fiber which helps regulate blood pressure. There are indications that daily use of cucumber juice can aid in digestive disorders. When cucumber juice is mixed with carrot juice, it is believed to relieve gout and arthritis pain by lowering the uric acid level. With its low-calorie count, it is a great addition to any healthy diet (please check with your doctor if you are on a restricted diet).

Externally, cucumber slices have been used on the eyes for puffy eyes and dark circles in countless cultures as it is believed it will reduce swelling. It is also used with lemon juice to lighten and brighten the skin.  So remember to keep a stock of cukes in the fridge for your health and your skin care.

Cucumbers brighten the skin.

To brighten and lighten your skin, try this cucumber mask:


Cucumber juice
Dash of lemon or lime juice
Rose water, a few drops


  1.   Make cucumber juice by chopping  peeled cucumber and placing in blender or food processor. Add  just enough water to cover cucumber and blend on high for 2 minutes. Strain pulp with cheesecloth or strainer. Press pulp to remove all liquid.


  2. Mix the ingredients and pat it on your face.

  3. Wait for 15 min.

  4. Wash off with cool water.

Use at most twice a week to lighten and brighten your skin. If you have sensitive skin, please test

ingredients on your arm prior to putting on your face.

For more information on health benefits of cucumbers:

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