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Brown Graphic Runner& Boston Fern: Boston Fern Table

Getting Ready For Fall Brown Birds and Boston Fern

Usually I go for simple decorating; sometimes it is just a household plant. Today I am sharing a favorite late summer early fall look, a cream and brown graphic runner and a house plant, a Boston Fern. It is coming to the end of summer, and I am getting ready to travel north to visit family in Michigan.  My friend will come by and water my houseplants while I’m gone. After months of bright, humid heat, a break up north is a treat.  I often go in August. The break gives me incentive to finish the hurricane season, as I look forward to the cooler temps of winter. A pretty table will welcome me home. (more…)

Aloe Bloom Close-up

Aloe In Bloom

The heat of the Florida summer continues and the rain is frequent during the month of  August. Many of you probably only know aloe as a small house plant.  Mature Aloe Vera plants will bloom when planted in the full sun. This particular species has large thorns on the aloe leaves and has grown huge in the last three years.